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Don’t Beat Yourself Up for Taking a Break

Two weeks ago, I just had my first round of playtests with other people. I got a lot of good feedback that I want to incorporate into the game before I pick up the pace on playtests.

But I’ve barely touched my game in a week. Why? I’ve got a lot going on in my life right now.

  • The level of work needed from me for my current job has increased
  • I am an aspiring creative writer and I’m trying to finish a few short stories before May
  • I got a lot of good feedback that I’d like to incorporate into the game
  • I want to improve the UX of the game as well

Really? Is that it!?

Oh, one small thing. I’m the process of buying a fucking house.

Regardless of how full your plate may be or not, it never hurts to take a break from your passion projects so that you don’t get burned out—or, just so that you need to free up some bandwidth to deal with other things in life.

Mental health is important. You’ve got to spend time to relax, to stimulate your brain in a different way, to break your routine and grind. And, you’ve got to spend time banishing those negative thoughts in your head. You know the ones.

I feel attacked

One infectious thought that I have is that the more I delay my projects, the more I’m missing opportunities to get it out more quickly. Subsequently, if I don’t get it out by x-date I will have failed and I’ll never get it out!

My tabletop game, and my writing, and my job, and my other personal shit all circulate throughout my head. Sometimes, I have enough mental fortitude to entertain them all at the same time for a sustained period of time. Other times, I’ve got to let one fall on the floor for just a little while.

That’s OK. The project isn’t dead, just resting for a bit. I’ll have a new prototype ready within the next three weeks or so, and then I’ll hit the road for a bit and get some fun playtests in!

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