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Nine Muses design journal (Jan 23, 2022)

I’ve been designing Nine Muses for a couple of weeks and have found a general flow and tension in the gameplay. Right now, I’m working through some design problems:
• How many victory points should muses be worth?
• I’m trying to figure out how “owned” knowledge vs “unowned” knowledge works. In a 4-player game, there is no shared bank as every player gets a piece of all of the knowledge. This equates to 1 ethics (green meeple), 2 science (blue cube), 3 craft (gold coins) per player. It works out really well. HOWEVER, in 2- and 3-player games, I don’t know what to do with the excess. The game relies on forcing knowledge exchanges with other players but in those games I’m thinking of forcing the knowledge exchanges with a shared bank. I’m just worried it won’t be as fun.

By Neutrino Burrito

A writer and board game designer currently puttering about the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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