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Updates on One Last Job

Back in September/November, I finished development in a game called One Last Job. I entered it into a 1-card design challenge on Board Game Geek. With it, I won 2nd place as best new designer. (Yay!) Now that I look at this game, I think there’s a lot of intrigue with the cyberpunk theme and 2-tone artwork that I made, but I think the gameplay could be much more fun.

That’s why I’m turning One Last Job into a different type of game. The goal of One Last Job has always been to recruit outlaws who can help you get through three phases of the “job to end all jobs,” with that big score to retire on. Originally, it was to collect energy cubes to get off a planet with no prospects. Now, it’s something different.

I’m still in development so I’ve got little to show, but One Last Job is going to turn into more of a stat-based game, where outlaws have different attributes and abilities that can counter opponent’s cards, but need to be played at the correct time, possibly adjacent to the right cards, to get full effect.

I’m going to somewhat take after strategy card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Key Forge, and other trading card and deck-building games. One Last Job will nix the dice element and become an 18-card game with the possibility of future 18-card expansions.

My goal is to create a game that offers the feeling of fun strategy, but is quicker to play than the average deck builder/trading card game AND comes in a more travel-sized package.

More to come on this in the future. Stay tuned…

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