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Lingua Franca design journal (Jun 29, 2022)

I’ve made more design tweaks to streamline Lingua Franca. The biggest change is that I’ve combined the Spotter and Language Cards! Now, instead of a complicated Spotter Card process, the Spotter need only draw a Language Card and use the corresponding grid representation in the bottom-right corner to determine which mission the Responders must guess.

Lastly, I’ve marked Lingua Franca contest ready! It’s as done as it’s going to be for the sake of the contest. The newest version of Lingua Franca is available for print-and-play and using the links at the top of the thread.

Wish me luck and I hope we can make a Lingua Franca together!

By Neutrino Burrito

A writer and board game designer currently puttering about the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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