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Nine Muses will release on May 29th

Hello, philosophers!

The wait is almost over. Exchange knowledge with great thinkers and use the power of the muses as you compete to earn your place in the history books as a sage.

Nine Muses will release on May 29th!

Nine Muses is a 2-4 player board game where you’ll trade and steal Knowledge and employ the aid of real Ancient Greek philosophers, and compete against other players to have the most points at the end.

Over the month of April, I’ll be sharing more details as the final stages of development wrap up but I wanted to talk about where to purchase and pricing. You’ll be able to buy a high-quality physical copy of Nine Muses, as well as a print-and-play version.

Physical Version

The physical version of Nine Muses will be available for purchase on May 29th from the Game Crafter for $35.00 USD, plus shipping. Orders take about 3-4 weeks to fulfill, so keep that in mind when purchasing as a gift.

Here are some photos of what you’ll be getting in the physical version.

Print-and-Play Version

The print-and-play version will be available for purchase on May 29th from for $5.00 USD. This will be a PDF download, so there isn’t a shipping cost or delay in order fulfillment; the file will immediately unlock for you to download and print at your leisure!

Note that with the print-and-play version, you’ll be able to print out the individual tokens but there will be recommendations included for you to use existing assets to represent the Knowledge resources: 4 green meeple for Ethics, 8 blue cubes for Science, & 14 yellow coins or disks for Craft.

Other Considerations

These are not guarantees but things that may also be made available within the launch window:
• A digital Tabletop Simulator mod (likely free)
• When you buy the physical version, a code to download the print-and-play version for free

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

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