Call upon the Nine Muses

Nine Muses is a 2-4 player competitive card game where you can set yourself up to gain or steal humanity’s most powerful resource.

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Answer the call of the muses to gain an edge on your rival scholars.

You can recruit muses to aid you in your quest for knowledge, but only when you pique their interests by being the only person to meet their criteria.

Commune with great philosophers to take knowledgeable action.

The most well-regarded minds of antiquity are there for you to learn from. Use their teachings to gain or exchange knowledge, recruit muses, and more.

Demonstrate your intellect to the sage of virtue ethics himself, Aristotle.

Turn your knowledge into notoriety by exchanging knowledge for the points you need to become the famous philosopher you were meant to be.

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Here’s a walkthrough video for Nine Muses setup and gameplay.

Nine Muses Action Shots

Nine Muses Blog

Nine Muses Rulebook

Call upon the Nine Muses of Ancient Greece to harness the three types of knowledge defined by Aristotle and earn your place in the history books as a great philosopher, or your rivals will take your place!

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