Call upon the Nine Muses

Become a philosopher by exchanging knowledge

Exchange knowledge with the muses or with unwitting opponents on your journey to becoming a great philosopher. Achieve greatness before your opponents do by mastering the three types of knowledge as defined by Aristotle.

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Nine Muses Blog

Design Diary: Home Stretch

Hello, poets and musicians, artists and scientists! I’ve been hard at work over the past few months on getting Nine Muses polished, both visually and mechanically. This board game has come a long way since the version that I entered in a small design contest last April. (Humble brag: it won 2nd place as a…

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FINAL UPDATE: Nine Muses is Contest Ready! 🥳

After doing final playtests, performing a few balance tweaks here and there, and making final changes to the design for readability and consistency, I’m proud to say that Nine Muses is finally Contest Ready! That means that the game is in a finalized state in terms of design, assets, and rules—although I can still make…

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