Let’s create a Lingua Franca

Find the right words to communicate and win together

After decades of war, there is finally peace between your worlds. As a gesture of faith, you’re tasked with studying the once disputed territory of Mystery Planet with your former foes—but you barely know one another’s languages! Can you create a Lingua Franca together to solve the challenges that lie ahead?

In Lingua Franca, players will work together to use word cards to communicate on selecting the correct missions to succeed in their joint planetary survey. You can only use word cards to clue your teammate in on the correct choice!

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Lingua Franca Blog

Lingua Franca design journal (Jun 29, 2022)

I’ve made more design tweaks to streamline Lingua Franca. The biggest change is that I’ve combined the Spotter and Language Cards! Now, instead of a complicated Spotter Card process, the Spotter need only draw a Language Card and use the corresponding grid representation in the bottom-right corner to determine which mission the Responders must guess.…

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Lingua Franca design journal (Jun 7, 2022)

After reviewing feedback from playtesters, I’ve made a series of adjustments to Lingua Franca. Thanks for the feedback! The core of the game is still there, but I’ve changed how clues are given and what Responders can do to make the game more dynamic. I’ve also changed the player count to 3-6 (used to be…

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