April Updates from Otherworld Games

Hello Otherworldly Beings,

Happy April! I’ve got updates on Color Space:

  • I’ve set a Kickstarter date (Nov 2nd)
  • The Tabletop Simulator version will be out soon for FREE; early access to newsletter subscribers
  • Physical explorations of Color Space are coming along nicely

Before we get to it, I want to mention that the best way to receive instant notifications on milestones and monthly updates for Color Space is through the Otherworld Games Monthly newsletter. If you’re coming here FROM the newsletter, please accept my apology for asking you to do something you’ve already done—and thanks for being a follower of the Otherworld Games Monthly newsletter! I may even have some goodies in the works for newsletter followers 😉

Color Space Kickstarts November 2nd

That’s right, I’m finally in a place to set a Kickstarter campaign date. I want to keep in mind that the Kickstarter launch is NOT the same thing as the publish date. It will take more time to finalize everything, work out shipping, and all that good stuff after the campaign—assuming its success. (Don’t think about failure; don’t think about failure; don’t think about failure…)

I don’t yet have things like per-unit pricing, other merch, or stretch goals worked out yet as I’m still working on material design for the game. I’m focusing on Color Space first and foremost before expanding out to commit to a bunch of other merch and goals. One thing I’ve been toying around with is a poster, take a look and let me know what you think:

More updates on Kickstarter specifics as soon as I have them!

Color Space for Tabletop Simulator will be out SOON

The first iteration of Color Space for Tabletop Simulator will be out in the next few weeks—free of charge. People who join the newsletter will get early access to this, with instructions on how to download and install it. Note that you must have Tabletop Simulator to play.

Someone’s about to score two diamonds (their choice) from the 3 purple + 2 orange path
Close-up of the same path—a player could instead treat this as a 3 orange + 2 purple path (but can’t combine them or score from both paths on their turn)

I don’t have a release date yet, but I’ll send an email out to everyone once it’s ready. Expect that to happen in the next few weeks as we polish it up a bit. Thanks for your patience on this.

Physical Iterations of Color Space are Looking Great!

I’ve been working with The Game Crafter to deliver a beautiful physical version of Color Space. It’s not only important for me to deliver a beautiful game, but a game that feels satisfying to play. And it must be durable!
We have two different main styles of Color Space in these photos:

  • On the left in each photo is an epoxy style (similar to dominos or Hive tiles)
  • On the right in each photo is an acrylic inlay style held together with tough cement glue
  • In the middle is a wooden prototype we’re exploring that we may offer at a higher backer tier

To be clear about these tests, an engineer at The Game Crafter left them in a rock tumbler for hours—they survived with a few scratches. The engineer then threw them at walls and the floor—probably taking some aggression out from me bugging them with all my requests for different prototypes and tests—and eventually the acrylics broke.

The pros with the acrylics are that they have a unique look which more closely matches the color scheme I want for Color Space, and it’s easier to maintain color consistency with the pieces. The cons are that they’re less durable.

The pros with the epoxy are that it’s durable as all hell and feels a bit smoother to hold. The cons are that it’s more difficult to get the colors right, and there may be more color variance in the design from unit to unit.

What’s next for Color Space?

Once I can settle on a decent physical version of the game, expect gameplay videos and trailers! Also expect a call for more playtesting—right now I’ve been playtesting with smaller groups of people—as the Tabletop Simulator version becomes more available.

That’s all for now.

See you later, Otherworldly Beings…

How I approached iterative designs for Color Space

Color Space has gone through several revisions to get to where it is now. Before it was Color Space, it was called A Colorful Game…

Imagine this folded into a double-sided card. You’d turn to reflect which color was active.

It was a 3×3 grid of cards that you shifted around to make your color, which you randomly drew at the beginning of the game. First player to make ten of their color won. It soon evolved to getting points for making combos of colors. First to score 30 points won. I designed it for one of the Button Shy Game’s 18 card game challenges. Don’t think they gave it more than a glance. They went with games that were far more visually attractive. But I knew I was on to something and I needed to take the board game design process from start to finish. From idea to a fun product that you can buy.

Then, I added hex tiles, representing primary colors, and roads, representing secondary ones. You had a hand of cards and you’d create a path of color combos, then play a card from your hand to collect points. Something wasn’t quite right, so I just removed the cards. You then just needed to create paths. Depending on the path, you could collect a certain number of roads. First player to collect five of each secondary color won. That’s when the game became Color Space.

I’ve been playtesting and working on design iterations of Color Space for a few months now. The game has progressed quite a bit in that time. I’ve changed the design aesthetic a few times, but for the most part it’s been a similar game across the board—no major changes. That’s always a good place to be.

With the trajectory I’m on, I should be able to put this game on Kickstarter this fall (2021). I’ve still got things to do. Videos to make; photos to take. I’ve got to publish ads about the game. Oh, and I’ve got to finalize the designs and make sure that I’m getting a prototype back from the manufacturer I’m working with that has the best quality.

I’ve also got to think of pledge tiers. I think the aesthetics of the logo and box art design are fantastic. I’d like to make some prints and t-shirts for higher tiers. Beyond that, I’ll likely reach out and ask what potential backers want to see.

After all this time, Color Space is almost ready to launch. I couldn’t be more excited. I hope that anyone reading this will be too, especially after seeing some of the gameplay videos.

…Speaking of which, I’m going to go work on that stuff. Until next time!